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The Bible Won't Sell ItselfWhy Christians need a Brand

Number one, I want you to understand that building and maintaining a brand is hard.

But don’t let this discourage you.

As christian creators you have to maintain your brand, so that your recurring audience can trust you and form a relationship with you. The Social media world is great for that. I’m going to give you some Godly advice on how to build and maintain an effective brand for your ministry, business, church, etc. This is going to be a three part series so make sure you’re subscribed to my channel and following me on my Social Media accounts and my blog.

​Today, I want to ask you some questions that you should use as your first steps of building a brand:

#1: How do you want to be perceived?

How do you want your audience to recognize your brand? This could be shown with your color scheme, aesthetic, style, tonality and social media or website presence. Do you want a bubbly and bright style or a luxury theme to your brand, or even a corporate or sophisticated style?

There are so many options so take some time to study the different options and pick the ones that you think fits.

#2: What is your target audience?

Is your content for senior adults, young adults, or even children? I remember growing up in a church that had different ministries for different age groups and then eventually fizzling out the childrens ministry to go back to old school church. Unfortunately, this caused a decline in membership instead of an increase.

We often think that the Bible is for EVERYONE (which it is) but we have to also remember how we felt when we were younger, in all of our stages of life, we have different levels of understanding. Therefore, whatever your target audience is, stick to that audience and do research on how to market to that audience.

What are their interests, what do they talk about regularly? What are some popular current related to your audience?

#3 This should be the number one but, What is the purpose of your brand?

I will say this and hopefully y'all don't come after me after I do say it. Some of us are not meant for this business or creative life. It JUST might not be your purpose. With that being said, you have to identify why you think your brand, your business, your ministry is important. Are you doing this to get famous, to make a lot of money, to help others reach Christ, or for something else? As an entrepreneur I will never turn someone away for making money being their top priority. However as a Christian, I recognize that that comes from a place of greed and not really trusting in what God wants for your life. You have to make a decision for your ministry, and business that will not only benefit you, but mostly serve others. Take some time to sit down and think about the true purpose of your brand. What is your WHY and who are you serving.

All of these tips will help you make the first step to discovering yourself as a business owner and minister. You have to do the work, and let your faith be what turns everything else into God’s hands. And if you are one of those people who still think about the statement I gave earlier, be sure to read James 2:14-26.

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