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Updated: Dec 31, 2023

This is going to hurt some feelings. And I'm prepared for the backlash.

As a person who has grown up in the church, I think its time for me to say this to y'all...


Many people think that just because you have the backing of those in church, elders who can guide and help you in life and pastors who can instruct you on your walk with Christ, that they also can tell you how to run your business.

Let me tell you a story:

There was a girl who wanted to be an influencer. She loved fashion, having different types of hair styles and loved being in the spotlight. Not to be vain, but to truly use her platform to attract more people to Christ. She would show her everyday life and pretty soon started receiving brand deals, and making some money.

One day this girl went to church and was confronted by people in her congregation about her recent post. The night before she cut her hair off for the whole world to see. This particular Sunday there were people who were concerned that she was posting too much on her social media and decided to tell her to make her page private and to hide her posts from the world.

What they didn't know, a couple months later, she would double her sales in her business, would create a platform for others to share their gifts, would be co-hosting Christian networks and telling strangers from around the globe about her walk with christ.

By the way, it was me :).

I tell you this because had I let others in my church, or even around the world, tell me how to handle my business, I wouldn't even have one. So many people think they have the best advice to give without knowing what it really takes to have a successful and lucrative business.

When you allow for others to tell you what to do without proper instruction, wisdom, and experience, all it is, is noise from the peanut gallery.

I understand that it may be hard to let go of the critique and lessons from those you love, but know this: everyone has their position in your life. Sometimes are loved ones are supposed to be just that- Our loved ones.

"The quiet words of the wise are more to be heeded than the shouts of a ruler of fools" (Ecclesiastes 9:17).

Now I ain't calling your church folks fools, I'm just saying that we have to determine whether or not the voices that are surrounding us need to be heard.

We have to ask God for wisdom.

I hope this blessed you.

Stay blessed be blessed


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