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Light and Shadow


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We give immersive guidance to create an impactful identity.

Our goal is to assist you with your passion for leading others to a deeper relationship with Christ and teach you how to move with purpose. 


Christian Creator Academy is an online school for Christian creators and business owners to get all the advice, secrets, tactics, & hacks needed to win in a Godly way. We are dedicated to helping Christian Creators, Business Owners, and Churches find and use their gifts, skills, & knowledge to bring glory to God in business & ministry.

We believe it is wrong to not invest in yourself. Learn how to build a business or ministry brand that will attract the right customers. This coaching program will give you proven steps and techniques for building a strong brand, as well as tips and tools to use in social media, email marketing, and more.

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The Christian Creator Network Podcast is a passionate, focused, and practical podcast designed to help you grow as a creator, build your business or ministry and share God's message. This is your #1 resource for you to learn how to build a successful business, market your brand and increase your influence as a leader in your church and community.

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